AfriDiva „Necklaces“

The first product we presented to the market was the “AfriDiva” necklace, which is from South Africa. Handmade and produced out of 100 % recycling material (tin cans). A classy jewelery, which matches every outfit and is malleable in endless variations. Each woman can create her own style and wear it – as a necklace, as a hair band, a bracelet, as a ring…

Are available in following colours:

Size:    thin – 0,6 cm   OR   thick – 0,8 cm
Weight:   70-80 g /each
Lenght:   ca. 80 cm / each
Material: 100% recycling material, aluminium cans


AfriDiva Ketten
Erhältlich in den Farben:  Gold, Silber, Gold-Silber gemischt, Drei-Farbig, Bronze-Silber gemischt
Durchmesser:   dünn – 0,6 cm /  dick  – 0,8 cm
Gewicht: 70-80 g                             Länge: ca. 80 cm                                                                          Material: 100% Recycling Material, Aluminium Dosen